Social Welfare

As articulated in one of our CSR Goals, “Improving Access to Healthcare, including medicine, globally,” we are tackling issues of medical access in a variety of ways.

Support for Cancer Patients and Their Families

Daiichi Sankyo has been holding the “Daiichi Sankyo Presents Family Tie Theater” program in cooperation with the Shiki Theatre Company and the NPO Cancer Support Community Japan every year since fiscal 2010. Through this program, we invite cancer patients and their family members to enjoy musicals by the Shiki Theatre Company out of our desire to help teach them the importance of family ties for supporting one another and give them the strength to continue their fight with cancer.
In fiscal 2016, eight Group employees volunteered to help conduct this event. They received comments from attendees such as “Please make new medicines that will help patients maintain hope and carry an optimistic outlook for the future.” The employees of Daiichi Sankyo will take these sentiments to heart to empower them as they forge ahead with drug discovery. (See “Voice” below.)

Employee volunteers staffing reception desks, guiding visitors, and supporting other areas of event operation

Employee volunteers staffing reception desks, guiding visitors, and supporting other areas of event operation.

【VOICE】Activities as an Employee Volunteer

Tomoko YokosakaTomoko Yokosaka
Administration and Quality Control
Group, Clinical Development
Daiichi Sankyo RD Novare Co., Ltd.

I once found myself questioning if I was truly fulfilling my mission of contributing to patients’ lives through the development of pharmaceuticals. This period of doubt coincided with the application period to volunteer for the “Daiichi Sankyo Presents Family Tie Theater” program.
I applied and was placed in charge of the reception desk on the day of the event. Witnessing the conversations between patients and their families, their facial expressions, and the atmosphere of the event, I could feel their strong desire to be healthy and to live a fulfilling life even in the face of illness. This experience also sparked within me a commitment to doing my part in transforming the Daiichi Sankyo Group into a conglomerate boosting strength in terms of cancer so that we can help such individuals.

Making Donations through TABLE FOR TWO

At the cafeteria in the company headquarters, we offer a “social contribution” menu that allows people to contribute to the “enrichment of the quality of life around the world.” By selecting these low-calorie meals, people can support the non-profit organization, TABLE FOR TWO International, which provides free school lunches for children in developing countries to help alleviate food shortages. In fiscal 2016, we donated 299,540yen through 14,977 meals orders.

*Figures for the period from March 2016 to February 2017

Making Donations through TABLE FOR TWO

For each healthy lunch ordered, a donation of 20yen is made

Participation in U.S. Initiative for Ending Hunger around the World

Daiichi Sankyo, Inc., is participating in the activities of Rise Against Hunger, an organization that aims to end hunger around the world. In fiscal 2016, 250 employees volunteered, packaging roughly 50,000 nutritious meals. These meals were delivered to starving children in Africa.

Daiichi Sankyo Taiwan employees exercising with elderly people

Employee volunteers packaging nutritious meals

Heart Walk Event for Raising Heart Disease Prevention Awareness in the United States

Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc., of the United States, has been holding a Heart Walk event since fiscal 2012 with the aim of supporting the American Heart Association and raising awareness about the risk of heart disease. Luitpold held this event for the fifth time in 2016, and 65 employees participated by measuring people’s blood pressure for free and soliciting donations. These activities have succeeded in raising approximately US$87,000 in donations to date.
This event is both a contribution to the local community and a valuable opportunity for employees.

Certificate of Appreciation from Peoples’ HOPE Japan

Heart Walk event

【VOICE】Importance of Heart Walk Event

Michael T. KahrerMichael T. Kahrer
Vice President
Human Resources
Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.,

We began holding the Heart Walk event after two employees lost their lives to heart disease in fiscal 2012. This event provides a meaningful opportunity for employees and their families to gather and direct their thoughts toward people suffering from heart disease while also collecting donations to fund heart disease prevention and research. Heart Walk is truly an important event that exemplifies the commitment of us at Luitpold.

CPR Training in South Korea

At Daiichi Sankyo Korea Co., Ltd., all employees have acquired cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) instructor certificates, and employees are currently engaged in CPR training programs targeting elementary school students. In fiscal 2016, approximately 530 elementary school students took part in these training programs in which they were given a hands-on opportunity to learn about how to use automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and to practice CPR on mannequins. The programs thereby helped endow children with the skill necessary to respond in the case of an emergency. For employees, these training programs are an opportunity to learn about the preciousness of life as members of a pharmaceutical company.

CPR training program

CPR training program

Supporting Cardiac Surgery for Children in Thailand

Daiichi Sankyo (Thailand) Ltd. donated the cost of treatment for children requiring cardiac surgery through the NPO Peoples’ HOPE Japan in northern Thailand since fiscal 2010. To date, we provided support for the surgical expenses for 35 children with cardiac disease.

Certificate of Appreciation from Peoples’ HOPE Japan

Certificate of Appreciation from Peoples’ HOPE Japan