CSR Standards and Policies

The Daiichi Sankyo Group has established the Daiichi Sankyo Group Corporate Conduct Charter and the Daiichi Sankyo Group Employee Code of Conduct (ICP) to guide it in exercising its corporate social responsibility (CSR) in its global corporate activities. Based on the essence of the Charter and the ICP, Group companies have developed compliance conduct standards. Awareness regarding these standards is being entrenched among all executive officers and employees. Compliance management is practiced as a part of all corporate activities in order to heighten corporate value and live up to the expectations of stakeholders.

Details regarding the Daiichi Sankyo Group’s various CSR policies and standards can be found below.

Daiichi Sankyo Group Corporate Conduct Charter

Daiichi Sankyo Group Employee Code of Conduct

”Access to Healthcare" policy of Daiichi Sankyo Group

Daiichi Sankyo Group Global Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy

Global Procurement Policy – Basic Principles

Daiichi Sankyo Group Marketing Code of Conduct

Daiichi Sankyo Group Policy on Intellectual Property Rights and Access to Medicines in Developing Countries

Daiichi Sankyo Group Approach to Tax

Daiichi Sankyo Group Basic Social Contribution Policy

Basic Environmental Management Policy

The following policies only apply to the Company.

Daiichi Sankyo Code of Conduct for Compliance (Japanese Only)

CSR Procurements Standard